The Writer's 2019 Planner

& Career Toolbox

by Debbie Rasure

Available on

Paperback, 260 Pages

Price: $24.99

The Writer's 2019 Planner & Career Toolbox brings together a traditional monthly/weekly calendar planner with tools you need to make your dream of becoming a professional writer a reality. The planner includes a worksheet to help you map out your writing career success strategy along with 36 different worksheets for recording information and developing tools you'll need throughout your career. Worksheets include questions to help develop your bio and elevator pitch, as well as sheets to note networking opportunities, conferences to attend, organizations to join, assignment trackers, freelance opportunities, expenses, invoices, proposal trackers, query tracker, submission tracker, contacts, favorite resources and more. The Writer’s 2019 Planner & Career Toolbox allows you to manage all your responsibilities while also giving you tools to map out your path to success as a professional writer.


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