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Music to soothe the soul

I don’t know how it happened, but when I was a kid, I became fascinated with guitar. More than anything, I wanted to learn to play. I could just see myself on stage, perched on a stool, holding my six-string close to my heart as I crooned some tune I’d composed.

Mom and Dad took my desire seriously, bought a guitar and signed me up for lessons. I applied myself for a while but eventually became frustrated with trying to learn. Practice time became a daily battle with my mom. (Please, somebody, tell me this sounds familiar!) One day I came home after school to find that the guitar was gone.

Later in life, I shared my story and expressed my long-held dream to my sweet husband. At my next birthday, much to my astonishment, delight – and, yes, a little terror – an acoustic guitar showed up among my gifts. Now I had to learn to play. He was looking forward to it.

Once again, I began taking lessons, and actually persisted for more than a few years.

While I developed some proficiency, I never overcame the frustrations of learning or made the progress I had hoped I would. So I put my guitar away again, but my love for the instrument lives on. Recently, that love found an outlet of sorts in the music of Josh Snodgrass, a worship leader, guitarist and Bible teacher who travels the country sharing his love for Jesus.

I discovered Josh’s YouTube channel one day while searching for peaceful music to listen to while working on a writing project. I was over the moon with delight! Josh posts hours-long videos of instrumental worship music on guitar, contemporary worship music and traditional hymns, musical church resources such as communion, prelude, and offertory music; songs with vocals and without; lyric videos; and Christmas guitar all done fingerstyle. He even posts lessons and tutorials using classic hymns.

Josh’s playing is absolutely flawless. He is a truly gifted guitarist. Most nights, I tune in to one of his collections as I go to sleep, and I drift right off. And sometimes, when the stress and tension is running high at work, I listen there too. Josh’s gift speaks to my heart, bringing peace, calm and reassurance of God’s love. I’m certain it will do the same for you.

Josh’s website, YouTube channel and Facebook account are linked below. Check him out, you’ll be glad you did.

Who is your favorite Christian music artist?

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